DMS 500 Engine

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Mit dem DMS 500 können transiente Testzyklen mit höchster Auflösung für Partikelgröße, -Anzahl und –Masse simultan untersucht werden.
Das Funktionsprinzip verbindet die elektrische Mobilitätsmessung mit extrem nachweisstarken Elektrometerverstärkern.
Das DMS mit integrierter 2 stufiger Verdünnung und Zyklon eignet sich hervorragend für Anwendungen am Motorprüfstand und im Labor.





TitleData typeDownload FileSizeLast Updated
Use of DMS500 to measure the particles from vehicle brakes Application note  dms17v01.pdf 545 KB 11-March-2016
Number : Size Spectrum Correlation with Particulate Mass Measurements Application note  dms01v05.pdf 194.03 KB 24-Feb-2015
Measurement of Volatile Aerosols with the dms500 Application note  dms02v01.pdf 45.93 KB 24-Feb-2015
DMS500 sampling options Application note  dms03v04.pdf 511.06 KB 24-Feb-2015
DMS500 measurement of drug delivery inhalers Application note  dms04v02.pdf 85.64 KB 24-Feb-2015
Measurement of DPF/CRT performance with DMS500 Application note  dms05v02.pdf 1.2 MB 24-Feb-2015
Real-time mode finding and lognormal fitting with DMS series fast particulate spectrometers Application note  dms06v03.pdf 682.83 KB 24-Feb-2015
Flame Sampling with DMS500 Application note  dms07v01.pdf 260.74 KB 24-Feb-2015
Gasoline Direct Injection Particulate Measurement with the DMS Series Application note  dms08v01.pdf 919.53 KB 24-Feb-2015
Particle number measurement with the DMS Series Application note  dms09v01.pdf 351.19 KB 24-Feb-2015
Ambient aerosol sampling with DMS500 Application note  dms10v01.pdf 295.83 KB 24-Feb-2015
DMS500 Installation Guide for Engine Sampling Application note  dms11v02.pdf 512.72 KB 02-Feb-2015
Real-time aerosol size, number and mass measurements from an electronic cigarette Application note  dms12v01.pdf 120.11 KB 24-Apr-2014
Real-time particle size measurements of manually triggered electronic cigarette smoke Application note  dms14v01.pdf 824.53 KB 19-May-2014
Real-time particle size measurements of heat-not-burn tobacco device Application note  dms15v01.pdf 870.75 KB 09-Oct-2014
NEDC particulate emissions: Direct Injection Gasoline Sample data  fsi annotated spectrum3.pdf 441.44 KB 05-Jul-2011
FTP transient cycle particulate: heavy duty diesel animation Sample data  hdd ftptrans wvu.xls 8.96 MB 09-Mar-2015
NEDC particulate emissions: passenger car diesel animation Sample data  nedc no stripper.xls 1.01 MB 09-Mar-2015



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Effect of Tracer on Diesel Engine PM Emissions

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Project Report Jan-2011
On Line Characterization of SiC Nanoparticles Produced by Laser Pyrolysis

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Reducing the Particulate Emission Numbers in DI Gasoline Engines

Kody Klindt, IAV

DEER Conference, 2010 Oct-2010
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Thomas Adam; John McAughey; Conor McGrath; Christoph Mocker; Ralf Zimmermann

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<p>University of Oxford and Ford Motor Company</p>

SAE 2010-01-0786  
Effects of gasoline, diesel, LPG, and low-carbon fuels and various certification modes on nanoparticle emission characteristics in light-duty vehicles

C. L. Myung, H. Lee, K. Choi, Y. J. Lee and S. Park

International Journal of Automotive Technology Volume 10, Number 5, 537-544  
Commercial Aircraft Engine Emissions Characterization of in-Use Aircraft at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport


Environ. Sci. Technol. 2008, 42, 1877–1883  




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