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Das CLD 500 basiert auf dem gleichen Messprinzip wie konventionelle CLD‘s ist aber durch eine optimierte Messzelle und kürzeste Gaslaufzeiten und mit einer T90 Zeit von ≤15 ms um ein vielfaches schneller. Die patentierte Messtechnik erlaubt die Messung von NO und NO2 im Rohgas auch bei hohen Temperaturen und variierenden Abgasgegendrücken direkt im Zylinder oder hinter dem Auslassventil. RDE Anwendungen sind optional möglich.



A chemi-luminescence detector (CLD) is the industry standard method of measuring nitric oxide (NO) concentration.

The reaction between NO and O3 (ozone) emits light. This reaction is the basis for the CLD in which the photons produced are detected by a photo multiplier tube (PMT). The CLD output voltage is proportional to NO concentration.

The light-producing reaction is very rapid so careful sample handling is important in a very rapid response instrument. The Cambustion Fast CLD uses a unique sampling system coupled with miniaturised CLD technology to give millisecond response times.

The Cambustion Fast CLD has two remote sampling heads controlled by a Main Control Unit and is capable of simultaneous sampling in two locations.



Title Data type Download File Size Last Updated
FTP cycle 100-205s - catalyst NO conversion efficiency Sample data  100-205(cld).pdf 67.33 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 200-305s - effect of lambda fluctuations on NO Sample data  200-305(cld).pdf 105.68 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 300-405s - effect of decel fuel shut off on engine out NO Sample data  300-405(cld).pdf 63.96 KB 19-Aug-2009
FTP cycle 400-505s - NO emissions Sample data  400-505(cld).pdf 68.5 KB 19-Aug-2009
Measurement of engine-out NOx for transient SCR urea dosing accuracy Application note  cld02v01.pdf 24.29 KB 24-Feb-2015
Heavy Duty Diesel NOx and EGR control Application note  cld03v01.pdf 19.27 KB 24-Feb-2015
Transient NOx emissions from a Euro 4 GDI vehicle during WLTP Application note  cld04v01.pdf 225.87 KB 08-Oct-2014
FTP cycle start-105s - catalyst NO lightoff Sample data  ftp-0-105s(cld).pdf 128.62 KB 19-Aug-2009
Measurement of EGR delay and its effects on NOx emissions using the NDIR500 and CLD500 Application note  NDIR05v02 EGR delay.pdf 117.45 KB 24-Feb-2015
FTP cycle over 505s - NO emissions Sample data  no catalyst explanation.pdf 128.32 KB 19-Aug-2009



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