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Das neue CLD50 basiert auf den gleichen Messprinzip wie herkömmliche CLD‘s ist aber durch eine optimierte Messzelle und kürzeste Gaslaufzeiten mit einer T90 Zeit von 15 ms um ein Vielfaches schneller.
Erstmals kann NO2 mittels LIF (Laser Induzierte Fluoreszenz) Anregung im Dual-mode zeitgleich und mit minimaler Querempfindlichkeit gemessen werden.



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The reaction between NO and O3 (ozone) emits light. This reaction is the basis for the CLD in which the photons produced are detected by a photo multiplier tube (PMT). The CLD output voltage is proportional to NO concentration.
The light-producing reaction is very rapid so careful sample handling is important in a very rapid response instrument. The Cambustion Fast CLD uses a unique sampling system coupled with miniaturised CLD technology to give millisecond response times.



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CLD50 Webinar

Case studies:

An example of a gasoline passenger car cold start [NO] and its correlation with the exhaust gas oxygen sensor signal (after 30s) is shown here:

Loading in alternative set points and dispensing with the heated sample line allows for air quality measurements down to ppb levels where it has been used for cabin air
vent assessment during urban and motorway driving:

...also roadside measurement at a junction showing the e ects of a vehicle accelerating away from lights:

...and urban cyclist NOX inhalation studies:




Title Dada Type Download File Size Last Updated
Transient NOx measurements from motorcycle real world driving Application note cld10v02-motorcycle-rde-transient-nox-emissions.pdf 1.63 MB 01-04-2019
Transient NOx from in-service buses Application note cld09v01-transient-nox-from-in-service-buses.pdf 2.02 MB 02-02-2019