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Das neue NDIR50 misst gleichzeitig CO und CO2 wie konventionelle NDIRs, ist aber durch eine optimierte Messzelle und kürzeste Gaslaufzeiten und mit einer T90 Zeit von 15 ms um ein Vielfaches schneller. Die patentierte Methode wird für verschiedene Applikationen wie z.B. transiente EGR Bestimmung, Luftreinhaltung, medizinische Inhalation/Exhalation und Partikelfilter Regeneration verwendet.





Non-Dispersive Infra-Red (NDIR) detectors are the industry standard method of measuring the concentration of carbon oxides (CO & CO2).

Each constituent gas in a sample will absorb some infra red at a particular frequency. By shining an infra-red beam through a sample cell (containing CO or CO2), and measuring the amount of infra-red absorbed by the sample at the necessary wavelength, a NDIR detector is able to measure the volumetric concentration of CO or CO2 in the sample.

A chopper wheel mounted in front of the detector continually corrects the offset and gain of the analyser, and allows a single sampling head to measure the concentrations of two different gases.
The Cambustion Fast NDIR uses a unique sampling system, coupled to miniaturised NDIR technology to give millisecond response times.
The Cambustion Fast NDIR has two remote Sampling Heads controlled by a Main Control Unit, and is capable of sampling CO & CO2 simultaneously in two locations.

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